August 12, 2014

Expand Your Child's "EQ" with Q's Race to the Top!

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My family LOVES board games. Especially during the cold and snowy winter months, but really anytime of year. We're known for our infamous "Family Game Days." On those days we all gather around the kitchen table with some snacks and have fun reconnecting while playing together. We have a wide age range in our family circle, so finding a fun game we can all play and enjoy is great. My older kids love to play along with the little ones and the game we chose on this game day was perfect and got all of them involved and giggling!

Q's Race to the Top by EQtainment is a game that focuses on developing your child's EQ (emotional quotient.) It's the important skills children need outside of the academic and intelligence realm, such as social skills, motivation, empathy and self control. Studies have shown that having a high EQ improves relationship satisfaction, leadership skills, career success, health, humor and happiness. This game is a great way to help your little ones learn these important life skills in a fun and engaging manner and your family can get in on the fun with EQtainment's Kickstarter Campaign!
The kids had so much fun playing together. They took turns rolling the dice and moving their adorable little monkeys on the game board. Once they land on a space they pick a card in the corresponding color. Each card has a different action... answering a question about how they would help Q the monkey in some situation, answering a question about themselves or doing something, such as standing and balancing on one foot. I loved watching them really think about their answers.
There is also a book that goes along with the game "Q's Wild Ride" that the older kids read for the youngest one. So many giggles! The book focuses on Q and how him thinking before he acts is important. Such a great lesson for kids.
Does you family have a family game night? This game would be a great addition to a family game day because it's not only enjoyable but it also teaches valuable skills while being so much fun. If you would like to know more you can visit EQtainment's Kickstarter page to learn more about "Q's Race to the Top" and how to get your own! I'm planning to get a couple to give as gifts this Christmas because my own children loved it just that much.

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  2. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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